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Hoarding Cleanup Cost

cost of hoarder home cleaning

Our Hoarding Cleanup Price Philosophy

The price for hoarding cleanup varies greatly from company to company. Here at, we try to give our customers a fair price while making a decent profit. We strive to make our services work for every customer no matter their budget. We also attempt to stay as consistent as possible when pricing a job. Often we have customers facing eviction unless their home/apartment is cleaned within a set amount of days. Many companies would take advantage of this situation and up charge the customer, knowing that they are desperate to get the property cleaned. We charge these customers the same as we would charge any other customer. We don't think it is ethical to charge a customer more just because they are in a tight spot.

There are many factors that go into estimating a hoarding cleanout, some of which include:

-The amount of dumpsters needed

-Distance of the dumpster from the house

-Whether the customer wants to donate items

-Whether or not the customer wants to look through each item to decide whether they will keep it.

-How fast we need to finish the job (amount of employees needed)

Free Hoarding Cleanup Estimates provides free estimates to all of our customers. We don't feel the need to charge for an estimate because we are confident that we can win your business through our exceptional customer service and reasonable pricing structure.

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